Africa Big Seven 2016

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Africa s Big Seven 2016

19 – 21 June 2016

Gallagher Convention Centre,

Midrand – Johannesburg

South Africa

There are fantastic opportunities. For example, with an Indian influence throughout Africa, traditional Indian snacks like Namkeens and spicy coated nuts could do very well with an African twist.

Tree nuts like macadamias and cashews are exported to other emerging countries, where it is further processed to add value, but if this trend can be reversed, a whole new industry can be established, with all the socio economic benefits that go with it.”

AB7 was co-located for the second year running with the Southern African International Trade Exhibition (SAITEX). Together these two internationally-acclaimed exhibition brands attracted over 600 international exhibitors with over 3000 product items in 431 categories. The co-location of the two trade exhibitions proved to be extremely helpful for some exhibitors, as in the case of Kalahari Beverages, whose bright and colorful stand displayed a range of proudly South African soft drinks. “Having the combination of Africa’s Big Seven and SAITEX exhibitions in the same venue was a very good idea, as it definitely contributed to bringing a better quality of visitors,” says Salman Khan, Managing Director. “For us the exhibition was very fruitful, and judging by our experience of previous years, the show is getting better from year to year.”

According to Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry spokesperson Wayne Bateman, this year’s exhibition surpassed expectations. “We brought eight exhibitors to AB7 and four are now actively involved in trade relations with India, exporting their own products and importing Indian goods, specifically spices,” he says. “We highly recommend Africa’s Big Seven as the place to connect with international companies from all over the world.”

Soda King manufactures a wide range of beverages for the consumer market. “We had a fantastic exhibition”, says Gian Mani, managing director. “Enquiries about our franchising business have been tremendously encouraging, reaching the objective that we set out to achieve.” Visitor feedback from AB7 has been very encouraging,” says John Thomson, managing director of Exhibition Management Services, organizers of the show. “More than 90 % of visitors will recommend the show to business colleagues, and the same percentage reported making new business contacts at the exhibition.

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