Opening the new doors for the new Opportunities

To help the local and international companies to explore the new opportunities and expand their businesses, we have to provide the necessary services and facilities to support professionally the companies.

This is the commitment of our worldwide partners and experts to all of our clients and our offering services will be tailor made on the base of understanding the requirements of the companies how to establish and expand their businesses in the new markets.

Consultation Services for the local and international companies who need to find a landscape about the expansion of their business, Commercial Support as the requirements of the companies, Show Management at the international events, Representative and Agency Management for the International companies, Traveling Services for the both Iranian and overseas companies are parts of our tailor made services for our clients which will be offered individually and on the base of their specific requirements.

Consultant & Commercial Services

Company Formation

Registration of foreign offices or companies in Iran

Providing local partners, directors, trustees

Providing certified accountants and attorneys

Full office facilities, office space, desk, conference room

Local address, telephone, fax, e-mail, answering service

Full computer literate secretarial service, mailings, appointments

Sales follow up, tender documents and follow up

Providing lodging, transportation, translation service

Sales & Marketing Services

When a company plans to enter a new market with its products, or start a business in a new market, the principals of the company assume their product is good enough for the market. This can sometime be nothing but a dream, and far away from reality. Some simple questions are often ignored, like is this product suitable for this market? What would be the costs involved in presenting this product in this market? Is the product price competitive in this market? How the potential buyers or clients will know about the product? What sales technique is effective, or what kind of advertising can have the most impact in this market? What is the target market or the target niche? The competition? The consumer attitude, customs, preferences or peculiarities?

There are some of many questions involved in the process of introducing a new product or a new service into a new market. However simple these questions may be, they must be answered correctly and professionally, before an organization can compete successfully in a market.

We provide the services required to for a short-term or long-term marketing planning:

  • Market research, market assessment, market development
  • Classification of products and services, benefits, competition.
  • Developing sales tactics and advertising planning
  • Determining a position plan for each product category
  • Developing pricing strategies and sales goals
  • Determining sales priorities
  • Determining market target or niche

We can also provide actual sales programming and implementation:

  • Hiring and training sales personnel
  • Developing nation-wide sales network, distributorships
  • Advertising design and planning, brochures, web sites
  • Sales management and accounting 

Business Development:

  • How should a company plan entry into a new market
  • Should the product be export into the market, be assembled or packed locally, or local production should be considered?
  • How can a business be established in a new market?
  • How can a business expand in this market?
  • How can overcome competition?
  • Is a joint venture suitable for business expansion?
  • Does local production assure longevity in the market?
  • Does acquisition or a merger is a way to go?
  • Feasibility studies 

Support Services & Logistics:

Consider our office as your local office. Whether you are planning to take on a contract, to set up manufacturing or just market your products in Iran, you can consider our office as your office away from home. We can provide all the support services or logistics you need to implement your projects economically and successfully:

  • Providing temporary camps, offices, residences
  • Providing temporary personnel, skilled and un-skilled labor, technicians, sub-contractors
  • Camp management, catering, transportation
  • Site selection, negotiating, site preparation
  • Recruitment and training of human resources needs.
  • Planning and supporting business delegations
  • Customs clearance, shipments, insurance, banking
  • Arranging and managing conferences, sales seminars, trade fairs, etc.
  • Arranging travels, business or leisure, sight seeing, etc. 

Representation & Agency:

Our company can act your representative or sales agency in Iran. We will appoint and manage suitable and experienced sales teams within our group of companies to import and distribute your product or just promote and sell for you. The import/export, trading and distribution companies in our group have long experience in:

  • Consumer product marketing
  • Machinery sales and production plants
  • Service sales
  • Tenders and contracting 

Project Management:

We have competent professional engineering and management teams who can mange your project on contract. The services provided include:

  • Industrial project management
  • Construction project management
  • Production management
  • Project control
  • Project planning
  • Project scheduling
  • Project reporting and evaluation
  • Management information system
  • Quality control management 

Investments & Joint Venture:

Whether you are planning to make investments in Iran or form a joint venture, you can depend on us. We can provide:

  • Feasibility studies and investment assessment
  • Investment opportunities in business and industry
  • Arranging joint venture in industrial projects
  • Arranging joint ventures in development projects
  • Arranging consortium for construction projects
  • Business partners, joint venture partners
  • Negotiations, contracting, contract management
  • Financing, limited or permanent partnerships 

Acquisitions & Mergers:

If you are planning to acquire companies in Iran or looking for suitable merging partners, ask for our services:

  • Study, valuate or assess feasibility of acquisition or merger candidates
  • Finding suitable acquisition or merger candidates
  • Arranging and managing negotiations and contracting
  • Arranging financing for the projects
  • Assisting in recruitment of key management and technical personnel for new companies.
  • Providing temporary management for new companies
  • Providing crisis management teams for companies
  • Providing legal and accounting service teams 

Licensing & Contracting:

We can arrange for licensing of your products or designs for production in Iran. We can arrange for contracting or sub-contracting for services required for general contractors and manufacturer.

  • Licensing local production of your exclusive products
  • Sale and Transfer of technology
  • Sub-contracting for general contractors
  • Sub-contract production of parts for manufacturers
  • OEM supply of parts, semi-finished or products modules
  • Production of branded products by contact or agreement 

Financing & Tenders:

  • We can arrange local and international financing for your projects in Iran.
  • We can arrange for your participation in tenders, supply tender documents, follow up and assist in negotiations.
  • We can arrange for public offering of your project or company in Iran and assist in market making
  • We can plan and implement local investments, private placements, limited partnerships and consortiums.
Tourism Department

PSDC Group is your host in Iran with high experiences in assisting the overseas companies, distinguished foreign guests and tourists, to get the necessary travel services for traveling and pleasant staying in our country.

Our experienced team of experts has the pleasure to offer you the full professional hospitality services for your respectful guests, as follows:

-Hotel Reservation


-Individual & Group Visa

-V.I.P Services

-C.I.P (Airport Welcome Services)

-Natural & Sport Tours

-Local Tours (To visit the Sightseeing & Historical places of Iran)

-Incoming Tours (Special for the Foreign Guests)

-Outgoing Tours (Special for the Iranian Passengers)



-Offering the necessary commercial services, cover your logistic needs, setting up the appointments, negotiation and follow up.

-Setting up the seminars and conferences.

-Other Tailor made services, on the base of your requirements.

Our experts welcome tohear your comments or requiremets to serrve you and your guests.

Sincerely yours,

PSDC Group


Success in trade development is not a shot or achieving by a click, it is a journey and within this trip, you need to be stickler in details to be able manage all the subjects and getting the targets.

Exhibition is a first platform for the directors to make plan to participate in to learn about the new markets, introducing yourself and capabilities, Analyzing the quality of your products and its packaging, finding the new clients, learning about the tastes of market and how you need to make compatible yourself with it, how to negotiate with the local buyers and how

to follow up to close the deals, ……

How to managing all the above procedures is the rate of success and quality of expansion your business in the international environment. All return to you how to take the best decisions in all aspects and make planning to establish and grow in the new markets.