India FOODEX 2021

05 – 07 August 2021

Bangalore – India


India is the world’s second-largest producer of food next to China but accounts for less than 1.5% of International Food Trade. The Indian Food Sector is poised for a rapid growth and has the potential to become reliable outsourcing partner in the Food Industry given its strength in primary Food Sector. The Indian Food brands are now rapidly increasingly finding prime shelf space in the retail chains across the US and Europe.

Potential Sectors:
Prominent among the areas waiting to be tapped are canning, packaging, refrigeration for dairy, poultry, fisheries, meat, ready to eat products, cereals and grains, soft drinks consumer product groups like confectionery, chocolates, cocoa products, soy-based products, mineral water, high protein foods and nutraceuticals, apart from health food and health food supplements, a rapidly rising segment of the food processing industry.

Govt. Support:
The Government of India has ultimately taken the decision to allow 51% Foreign Direct Investment in multi-brand retails. This decision has been described as a step forward to open the retail sector for the world’s renowned brand’s entry into India. Leading industrialists have reacted with a great sense of relief. To them, it is a pleasant surprise by the sheer magnitude of the far-reaching measures unleashed by the government. The domestic industry hopes that the spate of economic reforms announced by the government will be a “mood lifter”, improving the global perception of India and having a positive effect on its sovereign rating. The Govt. has also approved proposals for joint ventures, foreign collaboration, industrial licenses and 100% EOUs envisaging an investment of Rs. 19,100 crores (US$ 4.80 billion) during the same period. Out of this, foreign investment is over Rs. 9100 crores (US$ 2.2 billion)

World’s well-established brands in food segment are readily available in India markets like American Garden, Unilever food products from USA, Agnesi Pasta from Italy, Dana regular & sugar free jam & butter cookies from Denmark, Kikkoman sauces from Japan, Olicoop Spanish Olives, Italian Olive Oil, Ong’s oriental food & sauces from Singapore/China, Beverages from UK, Chocolates & confectionery from Germany, Butter Toffees from Argentina, Salad dressings, Mayonnaise & Mustered Oil from Holland, Canned seafood & vegetables from Australia, sparkling grape juice from France, baby accessories from Taiwan, variety of mushrooms, Mexican food, Turkish delights, corn and Thai products and soon, list is endless.

Other Developments:
The Ministry of Agriculture is aiming to double the production of all food crops through National Food Security Mission, NHM, HMNEHS & NHB and disseminating latest and modern practices of production and post-harvest care. On the export front, APEDA is targeting agricultural and processed food exports in the range of Rs. 4000-5000 crores (US$ 15 billion) in coming years.

The need of the hour in India has increased the productivity of grains and building of an effective supply chain to ensure that what is produced in the farm reaches the consumer in good shape. Greater use of machinery has, therefore, become necessary in India, where plenty of produce is available for value addition and food processing, but have technical constraints in enhancing production and productivity because of inadequate exposure to high technology & inputs, coupled with advanced production practices, preservation, logistics, and marketing. As a result, India is emerging as one of the hottest destinations not only for Food Processing and Packaging Machinery & Equipment imports from European and South East Asian Countries but also for Agro-Food products from international suppliers. In order to introduce latest technological innovations, this event is proved to be an ideal platform to launch your exclusive range of products and services among thousands of Food processors, Machinery suppliers, importers and exporters to throng this expo.

“India Foodex 2019” which, besides India, attracted participation from 30 countries and was an excellent expo and received tremendous support from all quarters. Encouraged by the overwhelming response, we are organizing 12th Edition of ‘India Foodex 2020’ during 18-20 Aug 2020 at BIEC, Bangalore, India. By adding more values to it, concurrently, we are also organizing 11th edition of ‘GrainTech India 2020’, the 10th edition of ‘DairyTech India 2020’, and 7th edition of ‘MeatTech Asia 2020’ a new vertical concurrently to ensure better business for all.


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