Macfruit 2016


MacfrutInternational 2016

The Biggest Show for The Dried Fruits, Fresh Fruits & Vegetable

The event focused on current topics, industry trends and the challenges faced by the protagonists of the fruit and vegetable

sector is scheduled for the day prior to the start of the trade fair.

It will be structured in three separate thematic areas, each one dedicated to presenting data, experiences and successful case studies.

At the end of each session, a round table will be held with international operators to discuss each specific theme.

The next edition of Macfrut will not be the 32nd.

The event held from 23 to 25 September 2015 will be the 3.2 (3 point 2) edition. It is not simply a number game for maths enthusiasts but rather a very specific, future-oriented mission with the aim of offering a large trade fair on the theme of professional fruit and vegetable growing.

The three themes of the 3.2 edition will be the following: internationalization, innovation and the new supply chain segments

Unicredit , the leading Italian banking group in the world, will be the main sponsor and business partner


• Sales outlets of the future

• Technology and packaging, competitive and success factors

• Sales promotion: comparing experiences

Field production

Processing warehouses

Fruit and vegetable markets


How do these sectors work?

During Macfrut all visitors will have the opportunity to book professional tours to experience first-hand and come into direct contact with the many leading companies of the territory operating in these sectors.

The detailed programme of the guided tours is available on the website of this event.

Professional tours

• Supermarket Tour

• Packing House Tour

• Fruit Market Tour

• Farmers visit

Show Venue

The Rimini Expo Centre is the newest and most modern in Italy, and perhaps also in Europe.

Inaugurated in 2001Rimini Expo Centre has an on-site railway station on the Milan-Bari line and a helicopter landing area It has 16 halls all on the ground floor and parking spaces for 11,000 cars.

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