PSDC Group is ready to manage the businesses of its clients whenever it would be necessary.

We support all the International companies who are so far from the Middle East region and need an active professional agent to cover the marketing research studies, marketing formalities, identifying the potential clients, understanding their real requirements, following up the negotiations and closing the deals, after sales support and keeping the position and prestige of the company in the new market on a professional way.

Show management is also one of our services for the local companies which need to manage their businesses through the international trade fairs. We will discuss with the companies and realize better about their quality products, its packaging and potentiality and then will advice the appropriate international food show according to the potentiality of their products for that special region.

Within the show, we will provide the necessary facilities such brand recognition, public advertisement, inviting the potential clients and important buyers, supporting their negotiations and closing the international contracts for the Iranian companies.