Private Label & Licensing Middle East 2021

07– 09 November 2021

Dubai – UAE

An Exclusive Exhibition for Food & Non-Food Companies

open to exploring new revenue streams

PRIME – Private Label and Licensing Expo will be the MENA Region’s Exclusive Exhibition for Food and Non-Food FMCG Product Mix expansion and brand placement, connecting private label suppliers, licensing companies and contract manufacturers from all over the world with clients from the Middle East and Africa region.

In co-location with Gulfood Manufacturing and Yummex Middle East, PRIME launched by Gulfood will attract over 5,000 buyers to the global centre for international food service and retail trade.

Global Packaged Food Private Label Market 2018 – 2024

is expected to grow with a CAGR of 3.5%

According to a recent Nielsen online survey – Global perceptions of private-label products have proven to be largely favourable, with almost three-quarters of global respondents (71%) saying that private-label quality has improved over time. Similarly, 67% believe private label offers extremely good value for money, and 62% say buying private label makes them feel like a smart shopper.

Despite these positive global perceptions, private label growth is still nascent in many developing countries in the Middle East and African region, the future will see greater opportunities as retail channels consolidate and consumers become accustomed to the concept of own store brands. Furthermore, private label has enormous long-term growth potential since sales are still equal to only 10% of all grocery value. 

Consumer Goods Contract Packaging Market is anticipated

to increase at a significant CAGR of 7.68% during the years 2018 – 2022

PRIME – Private Label and Licensing Expo will be Serving as a business platform for manufacturers of private label food and non-food products to meet with retailers, hoteliers, restauranteurs and wholesale trade operators who are looking to expand their brand portfolio, or to launch local production of FMCG brands and minimize logistics costs within the Middle East and African markets.

Find clients who are going outside the house for product development in the Middle East and Africa & who are actively looking to outsource their production and packaging requirements to third-party manufacturers. Connect with influential global and local lifestyle, sports and entertainment brand owners. Learn about what’s trending and explore new marketing strategies across the region.

Trademark licensing business in 2017 rose 3.3% to US$ 271.6 Bn.

PRIME is where brand owners and manufacturers of food and consumer packaged goods (CPG) who are willing to sell their product lines through Private Label, Contract Manufacturing, Licensing come to connect with retailers, hoteliers, airlines, licensees from every product category.

PRIME will be the industry event of the year in the MENA region, where retailers and wholesalers source for their private label programs, contract manufacturing services & licensing programmes. More than 100 companies from 50 countries will be exhibiting their products. Exhibitors range from small and medium-size companies to well-known national brand makers who also supply store brands.

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